While in general health conditions have improved, providing fair global levels of health is a constant pursuit of humankind. Cost is often a major barrier to more inclusive implementation: solutions will be implemented widely if they are affordable. Aging and mass urbanization present new health challenges. Chemistry plays an indispensable role in improving global health standards and contributes to tackling the impact and consequences of illnesses by refining medical materials and treatments.

The scope of the Health theme at the World Chemical Summit is the ways in which the chemical industry can provide solutions and should develop to help to:

Enhance diagnostics

Understand and prevent illnesses

Improve material innovation in healthcare
(pharmaceuticals and prosthetics)

Inspirational Talk

"How chemistry can help improve the world's health"

Nina Rawal

Head of Life Science - INDUSTRIFONDEN

Nina Rawal joined Industrifonden in 2013. Since April 2016 she heads up the Life Science investment team. Prior to joining Industrifonden, Nina held the position of Vice President of Strategy and Ventures at Gambro. Previous experience also includes Swecare Foundation, and The Boston Consulting Group in Stockholm and New York. She holds pro bono positions as an adviser to the innovation unit at Médecins Sans Frontières and as a principal at Stockholms Sjukhem. Nina has a Master of Science in biomedicine and a PhD in molecular neurobiology, both from Karolinska Institutet, with research work done at Hôpital la Salpêtrière in Paris and Columbia University in New York. In 2017, Nina was selected as a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum, a global leadership program.


  • 5 OCT
  • 10.00 - 10.20
  • World Chemical Summit Auditorium PAVILLION 2

At the World Chemical Summit, a panel of industry leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders will address how chemistry can help improve the world's health. Questions to be discussed will include what the main health challenges where chemistry plays a central role are, in areas that range from diagnosis and prevention of illness to antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance and the materials that will be needed to improve implants and prosthetics in the future. Also on the table will be the role of the chemical industry in the health value chain and where innovation comes from, what success stories there have been and what the obstacles are to innovation. Within this context the global health regulatory framework and how to make the distribution of pharmaceuticals more efficient and more affordable will also be looked at.

  • Debate

    Panel members

    • 10.20 - 11.40
    • World Chemical Summit Auditorium

    Scientist - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


    Professor - ÉTS


    Global Business Manager, Healthcare - Solvay Specialty Polymers


Charge - Companie TBC


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